Food Scoop Clipper For Dogs and Cats

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Product description:

  • The unique cartoon duck shape makes this pet food spoon very cute and special, very suitable for your lovely pets.
  • This pet food scoop is made from eco-friendly ABS and transparent AS, which is odorless, non-toxic and durable, 100% safe to touch the pet food.
  • One scoop for dual use
  • Scoop can not only use to store the food your pet, but can be used as a clamp to the opening of the packing bag, keep the pet food sealed.
  • Stable and anti-drop
  • The handle of this scoop has adopted strong spring which own good elastic force, can clamp stably and not easy to fall.
  • Wide use
  • It can widely be used for scooping up pet food for your dogs, cats, or other animals.