Cat Comb Brush For Long Hair and Face Massage

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Product Description:

  • Material: the comb is made of plastic, which is soft and durable, and the comb can have a long service life and does not hurt the fur and skin of cats.
  • Enjoyable: according to the habits of kittens, it provides the pleasure of friction for cats, and your cat will love the new toy.
  • Convenient: the brushes can be easily removed and cleaned and installed, which can save much time and efforts.
  • Grooming Tool: the plastic brushes remove loose and shedding cat hair while massaging.
  •  Good Friends: it is also a interesting toy to help cats ease the unhappy moods and release the pressure, which can keep them healthy mentally.
  •  Convenient: you can install it in the corners or the corners of the furniture that the cat can touch so that you can release your hands.
  • Multi-choice: there are several color designs, and you can choose one or more according to your thoughts and demands.

Package Include:
1 x pet comb